Hotwiring the Transient Universe

Edited by Roy Williams, Sarah Emery Bunn, and Rob Seaman
for the VOEvent Working Group

Orbiting satellites & giant astronomical surveys are monitoring much of he sky regularly, detecting vast numbers of variable astronomical objects, some with exciting and energetic astrophysics such as blazar eruptions, cataclysmic variables & supernovae; some much closer, perhaps discovery of a potentially Earth-impacting asteroid. A VOEvent is a message about an astronomical event: a change in brightness or position in the sky. The message can be sent to other observers for follow-up observations, or it can be added to other data about the event to aid understanding. Many existing & future surveys are using VOEvent for rapid event notifications, including CRTS, GCN (Fermi and SWIFT), LIGO, LOFAR, LSST, MOA, OGLE, PTF & SVOM. This book explores transient surveys & classification, what VOEvents mean & how to build them, the rich structure of the VOEvent 2.0 standard, working with the Virtual Observatory infrastructure, & ideas on an interoperable transport network. Many thanks to Tom Vestrand and LANL for funding both the Hotwired Workshop II and this volume.

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Table of Contents

Since time domain astronomy is a moving target, planning is already underway for a 2nd edition.  Your further contributions will be most welcome.