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US: California Institute of Technology (Caltech), UC Irvine

India: IIT Gandhinagar

A key part of the proposed research deals with getting ordinary citizens in communities to collaborate to deal with emergencies. Dealing with disasters effectively is a global concern and techniques to leverage communities for data collection and alerting is an effective strategy especially in nations with diverse populations with varying degrees of technological sophistication. This is especially the case in the Indian subcontinent where urban and rural landscapes are quite different. Our Indo-US partnership consists of experts on distributed computing, event detection, disaster response, fault tolerant networks (Bunn, M. Chandy, Venkatasubramanian), and seismology (Jain). This proposal is a joint effort between the US and Indian institute mentioned: the US institutes received funding for their activities from the NSF, whereas the Indian institutes requested separate funding for their activities from the DIT. The project will culminate in a disaster response drill/simulation at one of our partner Indian IIT campuses, where the technology developed in the project will be deployed, tested and evaluated.


This work is funded under NSF grant #CNS-1143666.