Feb 18-21, 2008 — Caltech, Pasadena, California
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* What is Semantic Astronomy?

There is a sizable international effort working on the Virtual Observatory; there is a considerably larger worldwide effort to make the Semantic Web a reality and where these two concerns intersect is Semantic Astronomy.

As a field, it includes subjects such as:

  • metadata for astronomical databases
  • semantic queries and data mining
  • astronomical and solar ontologies
  • knowledgebases
  • the application of semantic technologies

The promise for astronomy (and other sciences) includes:

  • semantic data access
  • exploiting distributed annotation and heterogeneous sources
  • intelligent data dissemination and discovery.
* Why is it Practical?

What is particularly exciting is that the Semantic Web has become a set of practical engineering challenges, more concerned with deployment and performance details than AI abstractions, and so we can now start to employ that community's more successful ideas in astronomy.

* Aims & Objectives

This workshop aims to:

  • inform how semantic technologies are being used successfully in other sciences
  • reveal what semantic activities are emerging in astronomy
  • foster greater communication between groups working in this exciting area


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