Mike McKerns

My research includes the development of cyber-infrastructure for predictive science, including the modeling, simulation, and rational design of materials. I am also interested in the development of instrumentation to measure how structure, dynamics, and properties are affected by electron and phonon excitations.

My background is in the design of electronic excited state materials using a union of experimental nonlinear optical spectroscopy, instrument simulation and modeling, and quantum chemical methods. I extended my work to vibrational materials and neutron scattering methods upon moving to Caltech in 2002, and to experimental time-resolved Raman scattering in 2006. I have been working tightly with the Caltech PSAAP Center for the Predictive Modeling and Simulation of High-Energy Density Dynamic Response of Materials since 2008.

I serve as both a Lead Software Developer and the Project Manager for a $15M NSF funded project on computational neutron scattering.  I am currently based in the Center for Advanced Computing Research at Caltech, and have been developing publicly-released software to support research in predictive science and high-performance computing since 1998.


Mike McKerns, Ph.D.

  1. -Senior Research Scientist

  2. -Lead Software Developer

  3. -Project Manager

Contact Information:

107 Powell-Booth Laboratory

Center for Advanced Computing Research

California Institute of Technology

Tel: (626) 395-5773 or (626)590-8470

mmckerns [at] caltech {dot} edu

Curriculum Vitae:

  1. -2016