Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in 2D


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Two-dimensional Euler-equations for an ideal gas (Air with   = 1.4)
Wave propagation scheme with Minmod wave-limiter and transverse wave propagation
Calculation of 1066 time steps with CFL-No.  0.95   to   tend = 0.025s.
AMR-computation with a coarse grid of 120 x 120 cells. 2 levels with refinement factor 4 are used. Finest level corresponds to 1920 x 1920 grid (3.7 M cells).
Number of cells increases continuously from 167 k up to 1.1 M.
44.8 h real time on 6 nodes SP2 (nonadaptive  1250 h)

The computations are included in the following paper:

A distributed memory adaptive mesh refinement package for inviscid flow simulations
In P. Jonas and V. Uruba, editors, Proc. of Colloquium on Fluid Dynamics, Institute of Thermodynamics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague, pages 9-14, Oct 19-20, 1999.

Postscript PDF (493 kB)


Color plot of density
(2.2 M)

Isolines of density on refinement grids (2.8 M)

The computational domain is doubled for visualization.


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