all molecule models furnished by
Siddharth Dasgupta as from the
Materials and Process Simulation Center

also visit the WAG Materials Gallery by Rick Muller. (contains a java applet)

1hii molecule rendered using the MoleculeGeom module
in Nag's Iris Explorer based on the original BallStick module.

the MoleculeGeom module was developed as an extension of Iris Explorer's BallStick module. it takes as input a pyramid data structure, as passed from modules such as readBPD which reads a molecule model in Brookhaven Protein DataBase Molecule format.

different options include the ability to display elements as points ot spheres (of given radius and smoothness/complexity), or none all. in the same fashion, bonds may be displayed as lines, colored lines, lines with colored end tips, or cylinders/sticks. color is based on a very simple element color table, or on a color map as passed in as an input.

to download this module, visit the asci repository, maintained by santiago v lombeyda.

different displays of the KELF. molecule

molecule displayed using points only

molecule displayed using lines only

molecule displayed using colored lines

molecule displayed using lines with colored tips

molecule displayed using cylinders/sticks only

molecule displayed using sticks and spheres/balls

molecule displayed using small spheres

molecule displayed using larger spheres