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slombeycaltech.edu - http://www.cacr.caltech.edu/~slombey cacr-caltech, mc 158-79, 1200 e california blvd, pasadena, ca 91125 office: 626.395.3547 fax: 626.584.5917
Objective Seeking a position that challenges me technically as well as creatively Skills - Ability to fundamentally combine a rich scientific knowledge with a strong visual design doctrine into unique solutions and experiences - Ability to approach tasks, develop strategy plans, collaborate in work groups, and formulate and deploy solutions - Experience creating tools, interfaces, portals, and experiences designed to empower users to explore, analyze, and understand vast and complex data spaces - Experience in visualization of large scientific data sets through the use of existing software and through development and/or implementation of new approaches and algorithms - Experiece in UI/UX design, development, and ultimate deployment of web solutions; including requirement collection, concept development, design, and validation; all driven with fundamental balancing of functionality, efficiency, and easthetic considerations - Experience developing software and working in immersive and semi- immersive enviroments (including the Responsive WorkBench and then ImmersaDesk, as well as custom cOIn based solutions) - Software development and implementation in C/C++, Python, Java, Processing, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran - Software and framework development for web based solutions (JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, WebSockets, Canvas/HTML5/SVG, d3, Three.js) to create visually rich portals - Familiar with Java Beans, AutoLISP, LISP, Visual C++, Borland C++, PROLOG, SQL, Ruby - Experience with Graphic Languages such as OpenGL, VRML POVRay (plus some RenderMan), Open Inventor, Three.js, and CAVE libraries - Basic experince developing iOS applications using XCode/objectiveC - Experience with Graphic Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign - Experience working in Macintosh (MacOS X PPC/x386, MacOS 9), Intel (MS-DOS, Windows 7, XP, 2000, 95, NT), Linux; as well as classic environments including VAX (VMS), SUN SPARC stations (UNIX), SGI Graphic Stations (IRIX), HP systems (HPUX) - Knowledge in ParaView, VisIT!, VTK, NAG's Iris Explorer, AutoCAD, SES Workbench; various word processing, database, spreadsheet, raster and vector graphics software packages - Network maintenance and troubleshooting (Novell and DECNet) - Experience working in software development in teams (as a member and as a leader) - Spanish and English bilingual speaker and writer Publications Cover of Enginnering & Science Magazine Gene Expression Maps Fall 2013 Cover of Nature Magazine Impact Factors June 2008 Cover of ScienceMagazine The Great Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake May 2005 An Investigation of Scalar Dispersion in Grid Turbulence (with Paul Dimotakis, Dan Lang, Jan Lindheim) New Trends in Fluid Mechanis Research Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fluid Mechanics Book Chapter 7 Shanghai, 2007 Laser scanning of three-dimensional time-varying fluid phenomena (with Daniel Lang, Jan Lindheim, and Paul Dimotakis) ACM Siggraph 2006 Sketches July 2006 Vector Field Analysis and Visualization through Variational Clustering (with Alex McKenzie and Mathieu Desbrun) Proceedings of EuroVis 2005 April 2005 A Visual Stack Based Paradigm for Visualization and Visual Programming Environments (with Matt Gilbert) CACR Technical Report CACR-2005- January 2005, CALTECH TetSplat Real-Time Rendering and Volume Clipping of Large Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes (with Ken Museth) Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2004 October 2004 Interactive Extraction of High-Frequency Aesthetically-Coherent Colormaps (with Mathieu Desbrun) (lead author) CACR Technical Report CACR-2003-196 August 2003, CALTECH Discrete multiscale vector field decomposition (with Yiying Tong, Anil N. Hirani, Mathieu Desbrun) ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) ACM Siggraph 2003 July 2003, Volume 22 Issue 3 The VolumePro Volume Rendering Cluster: A Vital Component of Parallel End-to-End Solution (with John McCorquodale) CACR Technical Report CACR-2003-198 January 2003, CALTECH Specialized architectures for structured volume rendering: Scalable interactive volume rendering using off-the-shelf components (with Laurent Moll, Mark Shand, David Breen, Alan Heirich) (lead author) Proceedings of the IEEE 2001 symposium on parallel and large- data visualization and graphics October 2001 An Approach to Capturing Structure, Behavior, and Function of Artifacts in CAD (with Lisa P. Anthony, Jon E. John, William Regli) Journal of Computer and Information Science and Engineering ASME Transactions ASME Technical Publishing, 2001 TechTALK: A Web Based System for Mathematical Collaboration (with Lakshman Y N, Michael R Miller) in "Enabling Technologies for Computational Science -Frameworks, Middleware and Environments" edited by E. Houstis, J. Rice, E. Gallopoulos, and R. Bramley Book Chapter 22 Springer, 2001 Making Remote Tools Available for Visualization of Large Data Sets (with Michael Aivazis and Mahesh Rajan) (lead author) Proceedings of the Visualization Development Environments Princeton, New Jersey, USA Princeton Physics Laboratory, 2000 Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Studies from Direct Numerical Simulations (with Paul E. Dimotakis, Andrew W. Cook, Stefan B. Deusch, James M. Patton) Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD99) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA American Physics Society, 1999 Simple Parallel Isosurface calculation and Rendering of Large Datasets (with Mahesh Rajan) (lead author) Proceedings of the Hewlett Packard Users Group Conference 1999 Sunnyvale, California, USA, Interex,1999 Conceptual Design for Mechanotronic Assemblies (with William Regli) Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA ACM Press, 1999 Conceptual Design for Assembly (with William Regli) (lead author) Proceedings for the Fourth Design for Manufacturing ASME Technical Conferences Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 1998 ASME Technical Publishing, 1999 The Soliton Explorer: a Problem Solving Environment for Soliton Geometry (with Raji Venkatesan, Bruce Char, Tom Hewett, Lakshman Y N, Jeremy Johnson, Ron Perline) Sigma Xi Research Symposium & University Research Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Drexel University Press, 1998 Design see design resume Visualization Internation Journal of Fracture, International Journal for Numerical Aknowledgements Methods in Engineering, International Conference of Fluid Mechanics Education January 2001 - Present ART CENTER AT NIGHT Pasadena, California - Courses: Letterform Design I & II, Design I: Elements and Processes, Intro to Graphic Design, Designing the Digital Space, Packaging Design Workshop I, Intro to Drawing, Intro to Photography, Graphic Design I, Logo and Icon Design, Typesetting Priting and Book Binding Workshop (Menage A Trois at the TypePress), Illustration Techniques June 1998 DREXEL UNIVERSITY Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Masters in Science - Major in Computer Science (concentration in Computer Graphics,) - GPA 4.0/4.0 December 1995 TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY Fort Worth, Texas - Bachelor of Science - Magna Cum Laude - Majors in Computer Science and Math - GPA 3.76/4.0; 3.9/4.0 in Computer Science Major Educational MASTERS THESIS Fall-Winter 1998 Achievements Study and prototyping of web based collaborative enviroment for conceptual design. Implemented for web use with VRML browser interfacing with JAVA applet through VRML External Authoring interface (EAI). INDEPENDENT STUDY IN COMPUTER ANIMATION Fall-Winter 1997 One on one independent study with professor covering topics in Computer Animation, including a survey of Animation Languages and motion control strategies; final project: sGL, object oriented (C++) wrapper for OpenGL SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT Spring-Summer 1995 Six month long team project, designed, developed, and implemented 3D Graphic Computer Aided Design package for Windows, interfacing with a final rendering application (POVRay) Relevant - Computer Graphics I,II - Software Design Graduate - Graphic User Interfaces - Artificial Intelligence Courses - Cryptography Honors - 1996 Senior Math Scholar - Phi Beta Delta, National Honor Society - Pi Mu Epsilon, International Math Honor Society - Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Computer Science Honor Society - Golden Key National Honor Society - 1995 Ghandi Award (Awarded annually to one person only) - seven times in Dean's Honor List - twice in Chancellor's Honor List Work 1998 - present Experience CALTECH | CACR & CD3 Pasadena, Researcg Scientist California - Work on Cell Genealogy Portal cellerie - Work on Contact Matrix visualization - Work on Self Organizing Maps for integrated whole genome visualization - Work on Gene Expression visualization - Work on biology simulation viewer resulting from MCell simulations as configured by mdlWiz as part of Caltech's Cell Center - Work on portal and on-the-fly visualization system for seismic events in Southern California as part of ShakeMovie Portal - Envolved in visualization effort as part of the Center for Predictive Modeling and Simulation of High-Energy Density Dynamic Respoins of Materials, a PSAAP/NNSA Center of Excellence - Envolved in visualization effort as part of the Center for Simulation of Dynamic Response of Materials, an ASCI/ASAP DOE center of Excellence - 3D visualization and development of algorithms and systems for scientific data in solid and fluid dynamics - visualization of Sumatra-Andman earthquake - Artistic Space development collaboration in CACR Atelier with Jim Barry - Logo design for various projects - Design of CACR Web Portals (+ logo redesign), LDVIZ Web Pages, TeraVoxel Web Pages, HP-HPCUG, HP-HPCUG2000, and HP-HPCUG2001 Web Pages; design of Posters, Flyiers, Totebags, Cake, and Web Pages for Honoring John Todd Conference 2014 - Present ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN | Interaction Design Pasadena, Faculty California - Lecturer for IxD-351: Interactive Data Visualization 2008 - 2017 CALTECH | Engineering & Applied Sicences, Biology, PMA Pasadena, Lecturer California - Co-Lecturer for E120: Visualization Projects - Guest Lecturer Ay/Bi199 - Co-Lecturer for CS126: Intro to Scientific Visualization 2001 - present SELF (sporadic contracting for mostly Satellite Persona) Pasadena, Graphic Design California - Logo design for mid-size businesses - Web page design for mid-size businesses - Portrait photography (exterior and studio) 1997 - 1998 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT, DREXEL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Research Assistant - Research Assistant for Problem Solving Environments for Science and Engineering - Work in graphic rendering and analysis of differential equations deriving from soliton geometry, - Work in web based application TechTALK (common working math session environment available through the internet, developed in Java) 1996 - 1997 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT, DREXEL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Teacher Assistant - Aided in Systems Architecture II, Computer Programming II, Data Structures (C++) - Taught recitations for Calculus I (MFE I,) Calculus II (MFE II,) and Calculus III (MFE III;) - Held regular tutoring hours, aiding students with help in subjects ranging from Intro to College Algebra, to Numerical Analysis and C++ - Was offered opportunity to teach Calculus II and Data Structures Spring and Summer 1996 BUSINESS AND ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES Fort Worth, Texas Mac Software Development - Development of Artist booking software for the Macintosh environment (based on existing software for MSDOS systems) - Programming in Symantec C++ - Graphic and visual designs - Mac Resource creation and editing - Data management schemes Summer 1994 COMPARTOMUNDO SA. Quito, Ecuador Network manager assistant - Novell network maintenance and trouble-shooting - Network cable laying and connecting - PC Board testing and replacement - Software installation, maintenance, and trouble shooting - AutoLISP programming (software maintenance, updating, and development) - Printer installation and configuration - Software instruction and assistance Summer 1993 PHILLIP MORRIS CO. Quito, Ecuador Software Drafting using AutoCAD - Training in AutoCAD, including three dimension design, layering, plotting (view point/cut,) and beginnings of AutoLisp - Transposition of two dimensional design (blue prints) of new factory into three dimensions through the use of AutoCAD in a team of three people Summer 1992 J. W. THOMPSON CO. Quito, Ecuador Advertising trainee - Aided with product design and launching - Aided with marketing and communications mediums allocation using specialized software Summer 1990 AZUCA Quito, Ecuador Graphic Design trainee - Designed line of Bakery Plastic Bags - Training and use of publishing, graphic aided design software Teaching Experience - CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 Co-Lecturer Ay99, Introduction to visualization for eScience - CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 2010, 2011 Co-Lecturer Bi199, Introduction to visualization for Mathematica - DREXEL UNVERSITY 1996-1998 Teaching Assistant for Calculus I, II, III Extra- Curricular - Team Member for ACM Programming Competition (1996 at Drexel, Activities 1994 and 1995 for TCU) - IEEE/ACM - member - Lambda Kappa Kappa Service fraternity - Founder, First President - Upsilon Pi Epsilon - Secretary (1994)

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