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  • ShakeMovie Project is a collaboration with Caltech's Seimological Laboratory to create a portal for researchers and general public which displays near real-time movies/visualizations of recent siginifican events in the Souther Carlifornia basin. Current project is expanding into a globe wide event movie portal, and ultimately a full on-demand geo-physics computing and visualization online portal. Project is headed by Jeroen Tromp, from Caltech's Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences and the Seismological Laboratory. CACR/Caltech, Pasadena, California, 2005-present.

  • ASC (ASCI/ASAP) Visualization Effort at the California Institute of Technology as part of the Center for Simulation of Dynamic Response Materials. Includes custom tools for visualization of various types of large data sets, as well as scripting and support of large parallel toolkits for visualization of AMR and unstructured coupled data resulting from the Center's main thrust, the Virtual TestShock Facility. Tools developed range from simple fast splatting off-core modules, to heirarchical point rendering systems for 3d data exploration, to volume rendering parallel systems and farms for captured 3d data exploration and movie rendering. Early work also includes a repository of Iris Explorer (NAG) modules capable: of reading tetrahedron grids; reading unstructured (brick) grids; tracing particle paths; extracting isosurfaces using Marching Cubes (GE, as part of VTK); communicating with a remote server (HP v-class) in order to request and produce geometry (isosurfaces) on large data sets; etc. Worked headed by: Jim Pool, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research; Dan Meiron, Principal Investigator for the Center for Simmulation of Dynamic Response Materials; and Peter Shroeder, Associate Professor of Computer Science and member of the Graphics Group. CACR/Caltech, Pasadena, California, 1998-2007

  • Large Data Visualization Intiative Project includes the creation of clusters of PCs for parallel volume rendering of large data sets; the creation of an environment for remote tool scripting, control, and steering; the creation of useful simple semi-immersive environments for data visualization display; and the study of color mapping techniques for efficient and aesthetic visualization. Project headed by: Jim Pool, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research; David Breen, Assistant Director of the Computer Graphics Laboratory. CACR/Caltech, Pasadena, California, 1999-2004.

  • Soliton geometry analysis: Study of differential equations derived from comples soliton geometry systems. System developed as a research environment encompasses in Iris Explorer, with modules containing C, Maple, and Fortran code. Weingarden surface renderings Supervisor: Ron Perline, Jeremy Johnson PSEWare, Drexel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1997-8.

  • TechTalk: Web based computer algebra common session. Developed in Java, implements client-server structure to communicate and relate common chat as well as computer algebra commands and expressions. Work Team: Santiago Lombeyda (currently.) Supervisor: Y. N. Lakshman. PSEWare, Drexel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1997-8.

  • sGL: Object oriented wrapper (C++) written around OpenGL. Includes the ability to wrap groups of objects around links which may include animation scripts. Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Popyack Independent Study in Computer Animation, Drexel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1998.

  • Book it! for Mac: Agent/Artist booking/contracting software created for Macintosh platform based on original product for MSDOS and Windows developed by Merle Wait. Implemented in C++ under Symantec Project Manager environment. Work Team: Santiago Lombeyda. Supervisor: Merle Wait. EBT, North Richland Hills, Texas, 1996.

  • LLCAD: CAD system/interface programmed in Visual Basic. Capabilities include ability to draw wire meshes of spheres, boxes, planes, cylinders, cones, and toruses. Fully editable (copy, cut, paste, paste array,) with drag and drop cabalities. Output directly piped to rendering program: POVRay. Followed thorough Software Design process from Requirement Specifications, Design, to Testing. Work Team: Trung Lee, Santiago Lombeyda. Supervisor: Richard Rinewalt. TCU, Fort Worth, Texas, 1995.

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